4 Tips to Care for Your Little One

baby care tipsA baby brings a great addition and immeasurable happiness into a family. You are becoming a parent for the first time; the arrival of a delicate new member is nevertheless an overwhelming occasion. With joy and excitement, the arrival of a baby also means the beginning of new tasks and responsibilities. A newborn baby needs constant care for healthy growth. The first six months of life require extra attention. Newborn care is not as difficult but with just some handy tips it is sure to become a cakewalk for new mommies.

1) Health care

The first person you will be communicating with after your new born baby is the pediatrician. The consulting doctor at the hospital will help you through all the routine requirements of newborn baby care. He will advise you about newborn baby’s health as well as the prescribed medical care.

2) Keep your baby awake during feeding

Breastfeeding is recommended until the baby is at least six months old. We know that a baby spends most time of the day sleeping. There is no wonder that they fall asleep while feeding too while their tummies are still not full and this will only cause them to wake up too early for their next feed. A very old trick is that constantly massage at the back of their ears while you are feeding. It will prevent them from falling asleep.

3) Sleep patterns

Newborn babies sleep anywhere between twelve to sixteen hours a day. Sometimes a newborn baby has lots of trouble falling asleep; in such a case, make sure that the baby is getting enough sleep. Identify tricks to make your baby sleep, some love swaddling; others fall asleep on their own, while some need a rocker. Each baby is unique and behaves in a different way from the other so make a definite routine for your baby and try putting him to sleep early.

4) Skincare

New born babies have extremely dry and sensitive skin in the first month. First, you can consult your doctor for products which you are using for your baby’s skin care. Newborn babies suffer from diaper rashes and baby acne so make sure to check with the pediatrician before using baby products.

Apart from this, there is a lot to be done as far as care of the baby is concerned which involves feeding, bathing and massaging among other things. You can talk to experienced parents about baby care and also read books and other material that you can find.

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