4 Cute Tips to Travel Happily in an Airplane with Your Child

traveling happily with childrenHow do you feel when a parent boards the airplane with a child in arms? And the reactions you generally get from the fellow passengers hoping that the kid is not sitting next to you and spoil your entire journey. Imagine now that parent is you and you’re traveling with your child. How do you deal with it and make it easier for you and your fellow travelers?

Here are a few tips.

1. Buy a Separate Seat for the Child

Children under the age of two years are allowed to fly as ‘lap children’ on most airlines that means they can travel at a reduced rate, but they do not get their own seat. Buy a separate seat for your child above two years. In either case, make sure you make a reservation for your child. It’s very easy to take the child on your lap and save those extra bugs for the separate seat but it will be uncomfortable for you as well as the child, so safest way is to just get a separate seat and travel comfortably.

2. Carry the Right Tools

Traveling with a child is an adventure in itself, and to make it a successful one you must carry right tools with you. For a smooth ride, you can carry any of these items. A car seat, harness and wheel stroller ensures a comfortable and hassle free journey.

3. Keep Your Child Happy

The most important part is to keep your child from crying and getting cranky. This effort starts long before you get on the airplane, especially for toddlers. Be sure to make your child have an idea about the upcoming great adventures, such as the security checkpoint, the airplane boarding and the flight itself. The most important step you can take towards keeping your child happy is to plan your trip around her sleep needs. Can he nap amidst chaos or does she need a dark, peaceful room? Infants, in particular, are likely to fall asleep, especially if you nurse them during take-off.

On the day of travel, arrive a little early at the airport and allow your child to roam and explore as much as she wants before boarding. Take advantage of moving sidewalks, empty gates, and play areas. Your child is going to have to sit still for a long time, so let him expend his energy now.

4. Carry Treats

And, of course, keep a stash of surprises in your carry-on. Bring a few tried and true favorites, but be generous with books and toys that your kids have not seen.

Most importantly, always expect the worst, even as you hope for the best. And no matter what happens on the airplane, remember that it will be worth it once you arrive at your destination.

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