Is your child a trouble-maker?

fighting childYour kid knows that you love him and whatever he does; he will always get away with it. He can just look at you with his cute little watery eyes and your heart melts away. But the next time he falls in trouble, either you face embarrassment or concern and the same cycle repeats. It is not just the pain of going through hard times with a difficult child but you need to be aware of the consequences if he continues with such acts. Kids will be kids. But if your child is creating trouble enough to be feared or hated by friends, teachers, and family then something needs to be done.

Be it hitting friends, stealing stationery, smoking, creating a mess or browsing through adult websites, your bundle of joy can create havoc in your life in a second of negligence by you. So how do you deal with it?

Find the reason behind his behavior

The first and most important thing you need to analyze is if he is going through any trouble himself at school or otherwise. Sometimes children are bullied or abused and creating trouble is their way of acting out. Talk to him and get to know what happens at school. Share some personal stories about your hard times when you were young to check his reaction. Something like ADHD, a medical condition, can also make kids hyperactive. So make sure to eliminate all these possibilities before yelling at him.

Getting angry will not take you anywhere. Never resort to hitting the child. Try the silent treatment for a while and when he has calmed down, sit down with him and talk. Communication works no matter what. At times children behave in a particular way due to lack of attention. So question yourself too.

Need for a Psychiatrist

Channelize his abundant energy. Maybe the child is bored or not happy with his routine. He will not say that ‘I need a change’. Enrol him in an activity class of his choice. It need not always be sports. Something like reading good books or art and craft can also help. If things go beyond control and someone is hurt then it is time to involve a third person. Talking to a child psychiatrist does not mean that he is having some mental issue. They may just help you to zero out on the root cause for better results.

Regardless of genetic makeup, creating a happy and positive home atmosphere translates into a happy child. There is no magic stick to wave that will make your child “picture-perfect,” but the happiness begins with parents. Children spend their whole lives observing their parents and happy moms and dads teach children how they can lead a happy life, too.

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