Important Tips for Biking with a Trailer for Your Precious Bundle of Joy

kids bike trailerCycling while carrying a bike trailer for your kid is great fun! You can enjoy cycling while keeping yourself free with your kid safe at your backside. However, as you’ll be carrying a load that is the most precious in the world, you should take due care. Here are a few tips.

To Start With

If you are newly starting carrying a kids bike trailer, never start straight on the main road. Instead practice well on an off road path with less to no traffic. This is because while biking alone you are very slim, whereas biking with a trailer behind makes your vehicle wide and needs adequate space to move. While biking on off road paths, you can get a feel of this width, and also you get a practice of pulling the load.

Keep in mind that the trailer is heavy; hence make sure you have enough physical strength to pull it and also to complete the return journey, especially if you have just undergone pregnancy and childbirth, or have no practice of biking or any other exercise for a long time.

On The Road

When you get enough practice and confidence to ride on the main road, choose a quiet time to practice first instead of directly starting at rush hour. Don’t carry the kid during your practice sessions on the road. Instead carry potatoes or some similar weighty substance and take a feel.

Considering the width of the trailer, you should ride further on the road to safeguard the trailer from hitting the curb. This will take time and practice if you have a tendency to ride hugging the curb.

You may come across impatient motorists giving you curt looks or even calling you an irresponsible parent or commuter. You will need a practice for this too. Remember that you have an equal right as they have to ride on the road. However, if you notice that you are really creating a trouble for others, be considerate to wait on a side and let them pass.

Most trailers have a flag. Position the flag on the side of traffic. Also if you will be biking at dusk or night, ensure the trailer is illuminated.

Another precaution you can take is to attach rear-view mirrors on your bike handle, so that you can keep an eye on your little bundle of joy, along with vehicles behind.

Follow these tips and you and your baby will learn to enjoy cycling together and will create great memories for the future.

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