3 Helpful Tips to Find Just the Right Baby Changing Backpack

Baby Changing BackpackYou’ve taken a right decision to buy a baby changing backpack because it will be a lifesaver for you with everything compartmentalised and easy to get on time while going out with your little bundle of joy in your arms or in a pram. But with so many of them to choose from, it’s quite hard for you to choose just the right one. Here are a few tips that will help you to get your hands on the right backpack.

1. What Type You should Choose?

Consider your requirements while choosing your baby changing backpack and that will help you decide what type of bag you should buy. You may require a unisex bag or a shoulder-bag that you can hang off your pram or even a backpack to suit your needs. Also, make sure the bag is spacious but it shouldn’t be too big to carry around easily. Needing to dig through the inmost depths of your bag is certainly unhelpful for a new mom or dad.

2. Features to Look for

There are so many bags around with so many features. Out of them, certain qualities are essential for your bag. You can look for others depending on your own preference. Here are some essential features.

Easy to Wash: Your baby’s things should be kept in a clean environment and hence you’ll have to wash the bag from time to time. So, make sure the backpack is easy to wash.

Strong Adjustable Straps: To make sure you can easily carry your backpack around, look for padded shoulder strap/s that will fit to your height.

Insulated Bottle Holder: This will keep your baby’s food or milk bottle at the right temperature.

Removable Changing Mat: This will be a lifesaver when you’ll need to change your baby on the go and don’t get any facilities nearby.

Pushchair Fasteners: While an adjustable, thick strap would allow you to place your bag on your pushchair, you can find some bags with pushchair fasteners to make the thing even easier for you. What’s more, you can even get a bag that matches your pushchair to make you and your baby look stylish!

3. What to Keep in the Baby Changing Backpack?

Once you know what type of bag you’ll buy, it’s also important to think upon for what you will use it. Here’s a useful list.

Essentials: A changing mat (this may be included in your bag), nappies (one for every hour you’ll be out along with one extra), baby wipes, a bottle of milk, a set of spare clothes, a blanket which you can use while breastfeeding, and if your baby is a little older, snacks, a few toys and a teething ring or a dummy.

Extras: Extra top for you just in case, hand sanitiser, woolens, sunscreen.

All the best for finding just the right bag for you and your little one!

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