Useful Tips on Choosing the Perfect Bedding for Your Baby

Poddle Pod baby cushionBedtime is the most important time for babies because it’s during this time, when their maximum growth takes place. Obviously you should do everything to make this time as comfortable as possible for your precious little bundle of joy. And the most important component of your baby’s sleep is her/his bedding. Naturally you should choose the bedding carefully. Here are a few useful tips.

Bedding Essentials

You’ll be daunted with the variety available in babies’ bedding. However, understand that you need not buy all of them. You just need some essentials and that will be enough. These are three each of top sheets, bottom sheets and blankets.

While these will make it easy for your baby to sleep in the crib or cot, you also need another very essential product when you’ll need to keep your baby down. This is a baby cushion. You can see this innovative product by Poddle Pod in the pictures here (& many on their website) how comfortable, safe and secure it is for your baby and your baby can sleep, roll, play and make many other movements in it without being fallen down. Moreover you can carry it easily anywhere and thus keep your baby always in front of you wherever you are working. All in all, this is an essential component of your baby’s bedding.

Poddle Pod baby cushion

Baby Sheets

Fitted Sheets

You will find these especially helpful when your baby will grow up a little and start moving around in the cot. This sheet won’t ruffle and come out from the mattress due to a squirming baby. However, if your cot mattress is stiff and heavy, it may be tricky to fit.

Flat Sheets

These are to be used as a top sheet along with a blanket. They can be used as bottom sheets too but usually trickier to put on than fitted sheets.

Baby Blankets

The types of more commonly available blankets are:

Cotton Cellular Blankets

These are 100% cotton blankets with a cellular structure; so, they are warm in winter and cool in summer. They are lightweight too and can be washed at higher temperatures than acrylic or fleece.

Fleece Blankets

These are made of 100% polyester, easy to wash and dry and soft for your baby. However, they are a bit more expensive than other types.

Acrylic Cellular Blankets

These are super-lightweight and quick drying and also just as useful year-round as cotton cellular blankets. However, they are not as soft on the skin as fleece or cotton.

Knowing what you want essentially for your baby’s comfortable and rejuvenating sleep, you can now choose her/his bedding more appropriately. Choose the right product and enjoy watching your baby taking a sweet nap!

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