4 Tips for Better Parenting

Every parent loves their child. However, it’s not necessary that they may be always right with their childcare. You may be right most of the times but not all the time. Parenting can involve a lot of learning and improvement. Especially if professionals advise you about the right parenting, the advice certainly carries weight and it’s worth following. Here are a few such tips by professionals about parenting.

1. Allow Your Baby to Share a Bed with You until the Age of 3

Most scientists observe that sleeping with their mothers is the safest way for a baby to sleep. Even most pediatricians suggest that putting babies in another separate bedroom may not be safe. A study on 16 infants sleeping on their mom’s chest and in a crib showed that babies sleeping alone were 3 times more stressed than those sleeping with their mothers.

According to researchers, a baby should be allowed to share a bed with you until the age of 3. However, they also suggest that doing so before 4 months is not very safe. If a mom holds her newborn on her chest, she should try not to fall asleep.

2. Never Pressurize to Eat More

Experts suggest placing all healthy food choices on your table. If moms do so, they don’t have to worry about their child eating unhealthy food or the quantity of food they eat. Some parents tend to pressurize their kids to eat more because they think that kids don’t eat despite being hungry. However, that’s not the case. Therefore you should not force your child to eat. Just give them healthy options and let them decide what and how much to eat.

3. Teach Them to Make Decisions

Teaching them making decisions will make your child independent. It will make them think how they should make decisions and choose things. Never impose your choices about clothes, books, room decoration, food etc. on your child. If you impose your choices on them, your child will never think on his own and won’t be able to decide what he should do in any particular situation. This will make him face difficulties when he will grow up.

4. Reward Them after a Doctor’s or Dentist’s Appointment

Most children are scared of doctors and especially dentists, and it makes parents wonder how to prepare them for the appointment. One thing they can do is to reward the child with a fun activity like taking her to her favorite park or other place after the appointment. However, it’s better to avoid chocolates, ice creams etc. as rewards.

Do you think you were mistaken while handling the above situations? If you do, we can say that this effort is helpful to you in better parenting.

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